Intensive Coaching

Organizing Empowerment will work to identify groups who are currently not engaging in a relational organizing model, but would like to add it to their program for an intensive coaching program.  Relational organizing can be used to do almost anything: legislative accountability work, census work, membership building, voter registration drives, volunteer development, recruitment and more--  so it has the ability to fit into any program and mission for an organization.

Relational organizing requires a transition in the understanding of organizing tactics. There is a cultural shift that must take place.  Relational organizing takes time to develop relationships and infrastructure. It elevates leaders to not just come in and volunteer, but also recruit other volunteers and build power in a community. It feeds into every portion of an organization’s mission and goals, from fundraising to communications to digital to political. It requires by-in from everyone -- from Senior Staff to Field Organizers.

A Organizing Empowerment trainer will spend 3 hours per week for the first six weeks working with the organization on implementing relational organizing up and down their programming.  

  • How to Integrate Relational Organizing Curriculum

  • Organizing from the Ground Up

  • Tech training

Light Coaching

Organizing Empowerment will work with groups already bought into the idea of relational organizing who would like to expand and grow their program.  We will target organizations who otherwise would struggle to obtain off-year funding and are focused on reaching out to millienials and communities of color.  

A Organizing Empowerment coach will spend 1 hour per week for the first 4 weeks working with an organization to grow their relational organizing program.  We will assess their current methods and work with them on a strategy for growth. To continue to facilitate buy in and grow relational organizing across the country, organizations that are provided light coaching will be asked to participate as leaders in twice monthly study halls and practitioners calls to mentor other organizations new to relational organizing.


Organizing Empowerment hopes to be able to grant funding for a staff position to begin a relational organizing program early for qualifying 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 organizations. It is our goal to be able to support 150 organizations with regrants in the 2020 cycle.