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The goal of Organizing Empowerment is to help organizations understand the principles of relational organizing and have the skills to apply them in their own organizing work. 

At its most basic, relational organizing centers on training volunteers to reach out to friends and family and share personal stories around the issues that matter to them most; as well as authentically listen  to  the views and/or concerns of the other person and know how to respond. This demonstrated approach helps an organization activate, build, and expand their activist base and organizational reach.

Organizing Empowerment will provide full support to an organization, by working with them to develop, write and implement a relational organizing plan that fits into their larger mission as well as provide them with training to develop and apply core skills in their volunteers. Organizing Empowerment’s trainers, who are some of the most experienced relational organizing professionals in the country will provide the support and training needed to increase effectiveness in this important approach. 

We know this approach works and we want it to work for you. Partner with us today.